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Sanpete County

Sanpete County is a county with a 2010 census population of 27,822 in Central Utah.

The county is bordered on the East by the Wasatch Plateau (known locally as the Manti Mountains) and on the West by the San Pitch Mountains. Towns tend to be located on US89 and draw water from the San Pitch River. The county seat is Manti. The largest town is Ephraim.

The county was named for Chief Sanpitch of the Sanpitch Timpanogos Utes. The Timpanogos were suffering a plague of small pox and were in dire straights. In 1849 they requested that Brigham Young send settlers to teach farming techniques.

224 pioneers led by Isaac Morley, Charles Shumway, and Seth Taft and George Washington Bradley arrived in the harsh winter of 1849 and founded Manti.

During the Black Hawk War Brigham Young had Sanpitch arrested. Sanpitch was killed when he tried to escape.


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