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About Sanpete Color

The Sanpete Color is a chapter of the Utah Color project.

This project began in an effort to see how local communities were represented on the Internet. I began the project by looking at individual towns such as Moab and Cedar City. As it was too expensive to buy a domain for every town the project was limited to a few destinations.

For the second phase of the project, I bought the domain UtahColor.com and created subdirectories for all of the counties including this directory for Sanpete County.

This program will create a general use directory and calendar for the area.


To support the site, I created a system of targeted advertising. I pre-populated the targets with affiliate ads. Such ads pay a commission on sales. I am happy to display the affiliate ads. I charge a listing fee of $25. I will display the ads for 100,000 impressions before asking for more money. In a small county like Sanpete, I suspect that this will take a decade.

Directory Listings:

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