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🠈  Ephraim, Utah  🠊

Ephraim, Utah

Ephraim, home of Snow College, is a town of six thousand in Sanpete County, Utah. It is named after a figure from the Book of Genesis from the Hebrew Bible.

According to Peter Franklin Madsen, the first white settler in the area was Isaac Behunin who arrived in 1852. Settlers built an enclosure called "Little Fort" in the following year. The official town founding came in 1854.

Brigham Young visited the area in 1855. This brought many additional settlers and saw the creation of a larger fort. The establishment of Sanpete Ward Academy (Snow College) in 1888 set the town apart as a center of learning.

The town sits on US89. State Route 29 heads East over the Wasatch Plateau and into Castle Dale.


  1. The Settling of Ephraim (Drawn 11/24/2017)

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